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Logandale Trails

North Shore Inn at Lake Mead - Logandale Trails

Distance from North Shore Inn: 8.25 miles

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The Logandale Trail System is located just 8.25 miles from the North Shore Inn at Lake Mead. The breathtaking trails system contains over 200 miles of trails, suitable for a variety of OHV types, as well as hiking, rock climbing and horseback riding.

The area is the former home of the ancient Anasazi Indians that mysteriously disappeared from the area around 1150 AD. The trails contain rock art known as petroglyphs, pueblo foundations, and artifacts left behind by these cultures.

Picnicking: There are some picnic tables along the trail, as well as two shade structures with 8 tables near the main entrance from Logandale. A restroom building is located at the trailhead.

Horseback Riding: Horseback Riding is great in the Trail System, the trails on the western portion are specificially for horses. There is a hitching post at the southern restroom area.

Mountain Biking: The best trails for biking are in the northern part of the site, north of the main parking area from Logandale.

Rock Climbing: You don't need any permits to climb, and the best place is the red sandstone formations located in the spine.

Off-Highway Vehicles: ATVs and OHVS are the vehicle of choice for most visitors to the Logandale Trail System. STAY ON EXISTING TRAILS! It's hard for many people to understand the fragile nature of the desert, since it looks so rugged and indestructible, but the reality is that it doesn't take much to damage the desert beyond repair when you venture off trail. Since there are already so many well marked trails in this system, there is really no reason to go off the trails.